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 Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Alice Springs and Perth

Touch and healing through the hands is shared among all cultures and traditions around the world. You have heard of many different Massage styles and techniques, stemming from different geographical locations around the globe. Shiatsu from Japan, Swedish from Sweden, Lomi Lomi from Hawaii, And now Aboriginal Massage from Australia.
Born from an idea that was stemmed in Melbourne Australia, with the intention of bringing the Australian Culture and tradition of health, healing, and bodywork to the rest of the World, Australian Aboriginal Massage is a specifically researched and incorporates  respected Massage Skills learnt from Aboriginal Elders here in Australia.
Day Spa's, Massage Therapists, healing centres and even doctors and nurses have loved the benefits of australian aboriginal massage and have looked into the benefits for their staff, clients and patients as being positive and loved.
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Aboriginal Music Didgeridoo Dreaming "The Spirit of ULURU"
Originals photos and painting By Yelleana :
We are offering Aboriginal Massage in Two locations in Melbourne at the moment, Yarraville and South Yarra.  We are hoping to expand this throughout the rest of Australia. 
This is your time to relax and escape into the Australian Dreamtime. 
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